Every year, tens of thousands of households participate in the National Consumer Survey, which gathers information on the lifestyles, media habits, and product/brand preferences of American families.

Simmons Market Research conducts high-quality national research studies with over 25,000 consumers annually. We have been documenting the lives of American consumers for over 60 years. Founded in 1952 by Willard Simmons as Simmons Market Research Bureau, the company has evolved into one of the leading authorities of the American consumer.


Simmons Market Research randomly selects households across the country via a scientific process to represent communities like yours. We ask consumers to tell us about what they eat, what they read, watch and listen to, which sports and other activities they enjoy, which products they buy, and how they feel about the consumer decisions they make every day.

We are committed to representing the voice of all consumers.
Our research helps American businesses keep their fingers on the pulse
of the American consumer.

Simmons administers the following market research studies:

  • National Consumer Survey — a survey of adults 18+
  • National Hispanic Study — a survey of Hispanic adults 18+
  • National Teens Survey — a survey of Teens ages 12-17
  • National Kids Survey — a survey of Kids ages 6-11
  • SimmonsConnect — a research study that helps shape the internet


community involvement

Simmons Market Research is committed to supporting
our community.

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Community involvement is
an important foundation
of our company culture.