What We Do

Simmons is a national market research company that has been conducting high-quality research studies about the lives of American consumers for over 60 years. Founded in 1952 by Willard Simmons, the company has evolved into one of the leading authorities on the American consumer. Simmons survey research provides insights that help college and university researchers and U.S. companies better understand the American consumer.

How We Do It

Through a scientific process, we randomly select families throughout the country to represent people in their communities. Once completed surveys are received, Simmons creates data that helps companies make better products and services. Our research helps American businesses keep their fingers on the pulse of the American consumer.

The information you provide is used to bring you the products that you prefer and the services that you use in your local area. It is also used to know what you like to watch on television, hear on the radio, read in newspapers and magazines and visit on the internet.

Simmons combines all answers from participants into reports that are used by major U.S. companies. Your answers are never reported individually. For example, a report may look at which sporting events are attended by males in different areas of the country, or the department stores shopped most often by women. If you happen to fit into one of these groups, then your answers will be combined with the answers from other people in your group. Below is an example of a report from a recent study.

recent results

This chart shows how your answers look when they are combined with other participants in the Simmons National Consumer Survey.


By making your voice heard in this year’s study, we will be able to paint a better portrait of today’s consumer. Your voice is important!

Why Participate

The study is not open to everyone. Participating in our study and completing a Simmons survey is free. In fact, we pay you to participate. Each member of your household will receive a token of our appreciation for this effort.

You have been selected to represent thousands in your community. Your voice counts so it’s important that you participate.

This is an exciting opportunity for you to make your consumer preferences known. It’s your turn to make your voice heard by the companies who provide the products and services you use.

Whether it’s where you shop, what you buy or what you’re watching, reading or listening to – we want to hear from you!


voice opinions

"Thank you for allowing us to voice our opinions and choices."
~ Janet from MI

"This survey was really fun. You can count on me year after year!"
~ H.S. from TX

"I found the questions to be informative."
~ Participant from TX

"Thank you for the wonderful privilege extended to us to participate in this great survey."
~ Family from NY

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